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Turf Love U presentation HERE as:

Powerpoint (19Mb ppt) or PDF (16Mb PDF)

"A Lawn to Dye For", new VA Tech Lawn Care Videos HERE

The Turf Love/Garden Love Program, through public workshops and on-site lawn analysis, teaches residents how to produce healthy turf while reducing the use of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides that pollute our streams, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. Water quality is enhanced by designing and helping citizens install rain gardens to capture and infiltrate surface water.

Turf Love/Rain Garden Application(PDF)

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The Garden Love Program works along with the Turf Love Program!  As a Turf Love client, we can advise you on how to design and install a rain garden on your property and James City County residents receive an $5-per-square-foot rebate from James City County! 

What is a rain garden?

A rain garden is a simple depression in the yard planted with suitable plants, requires very little maintenance, beautifies your property, and environmentally absorbs excess water.

A rain garden intercepts stormwater runoff (full of harmful sediment and pollutants from roofs, sidewalks, roads, and parking lots).  The captured runoff temporarily drains into a shallow depression in the rain garden.  As the water soaks into the soil, chemicals in the water feed the plant roots, the water is filtered, groundwater levels are renewed, and less pollutants flow into our storm drains, waterways, and the Chesapeake Bay.

Interested?  Just complete the rain garden interest form which is part of the Turf Love Program application, and we’ll come to you to talk about it!

Turf Love/Rain Garden Application(PDF)

Turf Love/Garden Love Program Overview:

A “Lawn Ranger”, a specially trained Master Gardener volunteer, will visit your home and conduct a site residential turf analysis, which includes a lawn care survey, lawn measurement and a soil sample.

Once the soil sample has been analyzed by the Soil Lab at Virginia Tech, a “Nutrient Management Plan and Best Management Practices Report” is generated that include specific recommendations on the following:
  • Soil analysis and recommendations
  • Turfgrass variety recommendations
  • Lawn measurement
  • Lime application
  • Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • Mowing
  • Over-seeding
  • Watering/Irrigation
  • Pest management
  • Insect, weed and disease control

Program Opportunities:

  • On-Site Home Visits
  • Public Speaking
  • Neighborhood Programs
  • Educational Workshops
  • Turf Love University--annual spring event
  • Super Turf Saturday--Fall lawn care
  • Video Programs
  • Beautiful Lawn—Cleaner Environment
Turf Love is available to all residents of James City County. The program enrollment fee for a home visit is $30.00.  For an application and more information call Virginia Cooperative Extension at (757) 564-2170.

Turf Love is a partner program between Virginia Cooperative Extension, the James City Service Authority, and the James City County Stormwater Division.